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Ruins (Partials):Amedama

Dan Wells
Dan Wells Published in September 25, 2018, 3:21 pm
 Ruins (Partials):Amedama

Ruins (Partials):Amedama

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fennerstuk Reply to on 29 July 2014
Ruins is the final part of the Partials trilogy and after the excellent Fragments I was expecting a lot from this book. Although I did love this part I think that Fragments is still my favourite - partly for the relationship between Samm and Kira.

At the end of the previous instalment we saw Kira being taken away by Dr Morgan to be experimented on in the hopes that they would find the cure for expiration and in the process save the remaining partials. Unfortunately Dr Morgan is unable to find what she's looking for and gives up and then remains curiously absent for the rest of the book. Of course Kira manages to figure out the cure and leaves Dr Morgan to see if she can actually put her theory into practice. Along the way she meets a partial called Green who she befriends and a group of modified partials called the Ivies led by someone called The Blood Man - whose identity came as a huge surprise and a twist that I never saw coming. We also find out that the world has been reset thanks to a member of the Trust - Jerry - who we had heard about previously. This reset meant that winter finally returned to the US and the seasons would start to go back to normal.

Although this book tied up the issues of expiration for the Partials and RM for the humans I felt that there were a few other strands of story that were left up in the air. Samm made the trip back east to find Kira with Heron, a few of the revived Partials (that had been kept unconscious by Vale) and a couple of humans but there is no hint that they had thought about the people and Partials left in Denver after everything had been resolved. Also, the plot surrounding Ariel, Isolde, Xochi and Nandita was a little lacking after a certain point only for them to miraculously turn up at the end.

I wondered how they would treat the triangle between Kira, Samm and Marcus and I was pleased with how that ended. After Kira left East Meadow it felt like her relationship with Marcus had been cast by the wayside as you saw her feelings for Samm develop. You could see the difference in the two relationships, it was almost as if Marcus was her first crush but not really serious and Samm was the more mature relationship.

One thing that I wasn't too keen on was that there were so many different view points in this final instalment which felt a bit overwhelming at times and meant that some of them were cut short like Ariel's. However despite this I still thoroughly enjoyed this book and I was very pleased with the outcome.

Throughout the series Kira really came into her own as a heroine. She started out as a young medical intern with dreams of finding a cure for the disease that was preventing the human race from surviving and finished as a strong leader representing both humans and Partials. She was able to grow from every situation that she was faced with good or bad and you could see her evolving along the way. She was very well written and someone to look up to - she never gave up and would always try to look for the positive in everything she went through. Even when it appeared that she was giving in to a bout of self pity it didn't last long and she put it behind her to try and help everyone.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this series to anyone who loved the Hunger Games or Divergent and I feel that these books would make amazing films!!!!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 18 June 2014
I've enjoyed this whole series and read it in less than a week in order to distract myself from the World Cup.

The first two books, once you got over the child genius thing, were good ideas, cleverly plotted, with original twists that made me put down the book to think before I could carry on (this is a good thing - !). Whilst it was good to see the main plot - the survival of the partials and humans - largely resolved in this last book, there were a few problems.

Firstly, there's a lot of wandering about the US in this book, and Kira, Samm and Marcus do this separately. As do Nandita, Isolde and co; Dr Morgan's lot; the amphibious/Armin lot; the humans with the you-know-what; the giant snowman Jerry bloke; etc. It took a bit of doing to keep tabs on who was doing what.

Secondly, a seemingly important bit of the whole disaster/impending new disaster (gosh, this book is hard to write about without spoilers!) is thrown in quite late in the day, and easily resolved.

Thirdly, you'd think another new issue (Jerry/weather) would generate more problems than was implied.

Fourthly - what about the Khan issue? :( (You'll have to read it to get that.) Are there going to be more books, or did that issue just... sort itself out?

Despite these things, I did enjoy the book, hence the four stars. Bit frustrated, though :(
Asreal Reply to on 29 March 2015
I’m writing this review several months after having read the book. I find that doing so tends to simplify my reaction to something, it becomes much more black and white because there is less detail to remember.

My overwhelming feeling toward this is “what the hell happened to the ending”.

I seem to remember the first half of the story moving along at a decent pace, but feeling severely short-changed when it came to the conclusion. It was as though the deadline had been brought forward a few months and he had to finish the story by the end of the week.

Without wishing to spoil anything; the love triangle just ended with what equated to a “oh, it’s okay” and the meeting with her father… I’m actually knocking more stars off this the more I remember so I will just stop.

The previous books were brilliant but this was a disappointing and rushed end to a great series.
Julie Warriner
Julie Warriner Reply to on 5 August 2014
The final book in a trilogy make sure you read the others first so you know the characters and what great characters they are. I found them really easy to read, very fast action and exciting, hated having to put them down. Haven't read anything like this before, totally new idea, but find this out for yourself.
Saxysu Reply to on 13 July 2018
Arrived on time. All good. Many thanks.
mogsie Reply to on 25 October 2015
I ended up reading all three books back to back thoroughly enjoyed them so have spent the weekend on the sofa it was fast paced very few type errors yes there was a love interest but nothing excruciating and I did not speed read through bits which I often do when the writing gets tedious I am going to purchase this set to give as a Xmas present in the hope that a friend will also enjoy a weekend being a couch potato
FellRaven Reply to on 30 September 2014
Book 2 in the series continues where Partials. This book covers the history of how we came to be where we are and starts to piece the Puzzle together. This is also the start of our love triangle or rather triangle as we have 3 of them intercepting each other.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 26 March 2018
Worst YA series I've ever read!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 24 June 2018
Great book, great price
Bookish57 Reply to on 10 July 2014
Make sure you read them in order. Unbelievably well written and definitely unputdownable, from book one to the final book. I still want more. Epic. Brilliant characterisation and plot.
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