Amedama Innokin Endura T18E Starter Kit:Amedama
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Innokin Endura T18E Starter Kit:Amedama

Innokin Published in September 25, 2018, 3:29 pm
 Innokin Endura T18E Starter Kit:Amedama

Innokin Endura T18E Starter Kit:Amedama

Price:£15.99+ Free shipping

Richie T
Richie T Reply to on 15 May 2018
I bought this vape pen a while ago and am still using it to this day. It is aimed at those beggining to vape but I have been vaping for many years and find it a good backup device. The battery on it is very good and the tank is pretty reliable - few if any leaks. The only thing I would say is that it is more powerful than you might think, and with it not being either vv/vw it may not be suitable to those who like to tweak their setting. Overall though, a good vape pen from a reliable manufacturer.
Andrew Marron
Andrew Marron Reply to on 2 June 2018
I had a kanger subvod (mouth to lung) in the past and this is way better! Almost pushes the vape smoke into your mouth unlike the kanger which is difficult to get a good draw from. Decent battery life, charges fairly quick. Stylish, not too big. Bought the coils off amazon too, they seem to last a good while!
ricky dodds
ricky dodds Reply to on 11 June 2018
I bought this to help me stop smoking and its been great. Ive moved onto a different kit with a bigger battery and more power but this kit is the perfect replica to smoking and is great if you want to kick the habit for good.
Allan Fisher
Allan Fisher Reply to on 22 August 2018
T18 works great. This is my third. Tried the T20 but was faulty on receipt and despite raising a return the item has not been collected thus no refund.
STEVE LOADER Reply to on 4 December 2017
my wife love it and no leaking noticed
dw Reply to on 18 April 2018
Doesn’t hold its charge at all. Smaller tank than on other colours previously ordered (using but again link)
alice Reply to on 3 August 2017
Very poor. Leaks liquid into my mouth constantly.
Daven Reply to on 29 July 2018
excellent I recommend this to all who wish to try rather than smoking
roseanna Reply to on 10 July 2018
great vape good price a lot cheaper than on the high street
Mrs.T.S Reply to on 10 June 2018
Very easy to set up and use. Have cut down on my cigarettes and planning to reduce then give up using this e cigarette . Good product
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