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Passion Book 3 of the Fallen Series:Amedama

Lauren Kate
Lauren Kate Published in September 25, 2018, 2:52 pm
 Passion Book 3 of the Fallen Series:Amedama

Passion Book 3 of the Fallen Series:Amedama


Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 15 August 2017
I enjoyed the first book and couldn't wait to read on, I was intrigued by Cam and Daniel's relationship and what Luce could be (an angel, a mortal who had done something special etc. etc.), the second book was good too, I liked that it explained the announcers a bit better but I'm so disappointed that the legitimate questions about why they actually loved each other in the first place was never answered!

Passion was so cliché, endless mini romances that never did the time period or the situations any justice, we were under an illusion that Luce was learning things all the time but she didn't really learn anything that she couldn't have worked out in her own time. I gave the 2 stars because I was interested by the time travel at the beginning, but it could have been done so much better. The plot and all the characters that we have come to enjoy fade away and I had to force myself to finish it. I've read the reviews of the 4th book, and I give up. I will be reading no further, even the spoilers sound dreadful. (Plus has no one noticed that Luce's ability to set things on fire/pass out when shadows are around has mysteriously been forgotten with a half explanation?)

In summary: as soon as you think too hard about any aspect of this series you find yourself falling into a plot hole that could span Luce and Daniel's thousand year "love". Lauren Kate, try and do one thing well before you move on to the next idea that pops into your head. I have been known to read many a trashy book, but even I can't stomach this one.
Lilly Heart
Lilly Heart Reply to on 22 December 2013
After Luce jumped through the announcer at the end of book 2, she jumps to her past lives to understand the love she and Daniel have. All the while Daniel is chasing Luce and is just missing her by a few minutes and on 1 occasion by a month.
In the prologue it is in the right time (2009) and Sophia, 2 of the 24 elders and a couple of outcasts are at the races waiting for instructions. Weather or not it was a secret, I guessed who it was right from the beginning so it didn't come as a surprise when it was revealed.
While Luce is jumping through time she comes across Bill. A guide to help Luce in her quest. Again I guessed who it was and made the connection. When it was revealed I wasn't shocked.
The whole book was seeing Luce at different times, meeting Daniel falling in love and then die. After a few chapters it did get kind of old but what made the difference was Luce learned something different in each lifetime which was the point. But as the reader I was way ahead of Luce and I had to wait for Luce to catch up.
I will try and not give away spoilers but, at the end of the book 2009 Daniel and 2009 Luce caught up with each other and went back to there own time.
Information was revealed to Luce that will happen in the very near future but will take place in the past so all of Luce and Daniel's past lives will cease to exist and all her during will be for nothing so all the fallen angels, no matter what side they are on need to put aside there differences to stop that from happening.
There are still unanswered questions, we still don't know why Luce is important other then Daniel and Luce are cursed because of there love, because Daniel had chosen love over God and Satan.
Lauren Kate wrote this book so very well. Because of the history of Luce past lives the accounts and the descriptions made for very good reading. Kate didn't make me feel like I was reading a history book, she kept the descriptions very real, very imaginative and creative. Because Luce was going back in history the creative way Kate had to come up with different ways to make clothes for Luce for each lifetime made good reading.
This book had to happen because in the 2 book I was getting
frustrated with Daniel telling Luce what to do, but by the end of Passion I understand more and more importantly so did Luce.
This is by far the better book in the series so far. I can't wait to read the last book now. It's worth reading the first 2 books, to get to the third book it's worth reading and very recommend you won't be disappointed.
Lisa Robins
Lisa Robins Reply to on 7 September 2013
Ok, firstly I'm really too old to be reading books like this and I'm sure any young person would give this full marks. I actually read this originally in Mexico last year, as someone had left the book in the hotel. I'd read Fallen but not Torment yet, so got this on my Kindle so I could read the whole series in the correct order (as opposed to 1, 3, 4, 2!) so it can't be too bad that I bought it after reading it already! I'm not into chick flicks (even though I am a girl) but I do enjoy a love story with a supernatural twist! If you love the Twilight series, I'm sure you'll love this series. There may be plenty of lovey-dovey stuff and hot kissing but it also doesn't mind being a little creepy and a bit sad at times. I can't imagine anything would particularly give young teens nightmares though. If you have read any of the others (and enjoyed them) you have to read this one, I think it's some kind of law. Less confusing when you read them all in order too.
Beebeeweston Reply to on 30 August 2011
I am sorry to say that I found this book a big let down. I really liked Fallen & Torment so I was excited about this book, but it did not live up to expectations, if I am being completely honest I found three quarters of the book really boring, and I was looking forward to it ending.

The idea is a great one, re-visiting Luce and Daniel's past, getting to see all the times they loved and lost each other, but in reality it was really repetitive and boring. I knew we were going to get a big revel connected to the curse at the end, and that part was good, I also enjoyed finding out more about Cam's background (I think Cam is the best character in the whole series), but the rest of the book felt like filler to me.

I hope the final book in the series will be back on form.
traci Leighon Buzzard.
traci Leighon Buzzard. Reply to on 31 January 2014
Started reading this series of books as my young adult daughters had read them and said they were good. I'm 45 years old so thought "why not? Started reading them and the first book I found a bit slow to start with (but with any teenage themed books) it explained all the characters and relationships) once past that I started to look forward to what was going to happen next........ Havn been able to put them down. Brilliant Charactors, good Enjoyable storyline. Love it, am just starting the 4th book but don't want to read it so fast as I know the end will be here before you know it and don't want to finish an excellent story
Joanne Haggan
Joanne Haggan Reply to on 9 July 2018
Absolutely loved the third installment. Fast paced, plenty of different things happening and had me reading chapter after chapter. Could not put this one down. Lots more of Daniel's point of view too, which was a good bonus.
em-boo Reply to on 19 September 2012
So book 2 was brilliant loved it and became addicted to the characters and the story, immedietley downloaded this full of excitment, now i have a kindle so i can tell you that i skim read 60% of this book. It dragged, it went on, there was the constant explaining what a room looked like and how the light shone from a specific angle. The end is good and i will be reading book 4 because now i am stuck with wanting to know how it ends. Personally i think this book could have been shortend into half a book and i expect i will say the same about book 4 too, i would have been much more impressed if she'd got to the point about half way through as this went on forever i almost felt like i was living the 5000 years with the angels
kim Reply to on 29 June 2011
First off, I hate the name of the book and if I hadn't read the others first I wouldn't even pick it up. It sounds (and looks) more like one of the Mills and Boons books my mum reads! D:(I like the other titles such as 'Torment' and the past two covers as they look dark and mysterious). Also, the book is taller than the other two and I find that annoying as I thought, with it being a paperback, I wouldn't have that issue.Now for the actual story.....

I have to say that I was a little dissapointed with this instalment. Passion seemed to take a while to get interesting, with Luce travelling through some of her more recent past lives- as another review said, the first few lives she visits are forgettable and we don't really learn anything very interesting, surprising or important- you could skip the first portion of the book and wouldn't even know any different. The book does, however, improve around half way through with the more interesting 'Luces' and their lives, for example, we gain an insight to ancient China, the Mayan culture, Victorian England (Cornwall is in it!) and France etc.

Oh and one other thing- If angels don't die (okay, unless they're killed with a starshot) why does Daniel look different in each of Luce's past lives? I understand why Luce does, as she's mortal and dies and just gets reborn. But that doesn't happen to Daniel so that puzzled me. The only thing I can think of at the moment for this is that maybe Daniel can alter his appearance in order to fit in with the country/ place.

Also, why does Luce have black hair in every life? And a name (in most cases) beginning with L and being very similar sounding to her own present one? Surely it's just her soul that gets reincarnated and her parents in this life would dictate hair colour and choose her name? There maybe a good explaination for these things, and I'm probably just being picking, but it didn't really add up for me.

Overall, regretfully, I would rate this 2.5 stars if I could, as it seemed more of a pointless filler and contributed little to the overall ongoing story.

Good points:
-we get to learn a little bit more about Cam (this was my favourite part in the book) and it was quite interesting.
-The book gets better as it goes on
-Some of Luce's past lives are interesting
-There's a nice twist

and the Bad:
-nowhere near enough of the other characters!! We hardly see Arriane for example
-It's quite slow paced and repetitive
-Much of it seems pointless and does little to add to the overall story etc
-The book didn't seem to flow from the others and seemed to me a bit disjointed from them rather than being part of a series
-(not so much to do with the actul story) The size of the book (height wise) is bigger/ taller than the others in the series and that annoys me :L
Ruby Reply to on 15 September 2011
I really enjoyed the first two books, but found the third book really disappointing and struggled to finish it. The story just keeps flitting from one thing to another with no real hard story line. I felt it was a filling in book until the last one. I have other friends who have read the first two and enjoyed them who also said they struggled with it. I think the author tried to make it too complicated therefore losing the plot! I hope the last book is more enjoyable and actually completes the original story line.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 22 February 2014
The first two were great, I was quite looking forward to another in this series but omg this book is SO BORING!!! I bought books 3 and 4 together and I can't bring myself to finish 3 let alone start 4, I feel quite swindled.

There is no plot line, the main character just bowls through this and that thread not really achieving or resolving anything, just repetition of a poor story thread over and over.
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