Amedama NEO G Patella Band - Medical Grade Quality, Premium Silicone Pad, Added Protection HELPS Jumper's Knee, tendonitis, patella tracking, Osgood-Schlatter, recovery & rehabilitation- ONE SIZE Unisex Strap:Amedama
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NEO G Patella Band - Medical Grade Quality, Premium Silicone Pad, Added Protection HELPS Jumper's Knee, tendonitis, patella tracking, Osgood-Schlatter, recovery & rehabilitation- ONE SIZE Unisex Strap:Amedama

Neo-G Published in September 25, 2018, 3:00 pm
 NEO G Patella Band - Medical Grade Quality, Premium Silicone Pad, Added Protection HELPS Jumper's Knee, tendonitis, patella tracking, Osgood-Schlatter, recovery & rehabilitation- ONE SIZE Unisex Strap:Amedama

NEO G Patella Band - Medical Grade Quality, Premium Silicone Pad, Added Protection HELPS Jumper's Knee, tendonitis, patella tracking, Osgood-Schlatter, recovery & rehabilitation- ONE SIZE Unisex Strap:Amedama

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CMB Reply to on 28 December 2015
Having suffered two years of "jumper's knee" due to over-enthusiastic kung-fu (especially considering I'm overweight) I though I'd give my experience. Note that this device is particularly for "jumper's knee" - quite different from "runner's knee". If your knee pain is due to heavy landing and twisting (I'm 95kg, 15st), as in martial arts, this may be the device you need.

First I got the Neo G MEDICAL GRADE ADVANCED HINGED OPEN PATELLA KNEE BRACE/SUPPORT (Neo G MEDICAL GRADE ADVANCED HINGED OPEN PATELLA KNEE BRACE/SUPPORT 'breathable design') - this gives excellent support, but is really for extreme cases, when you hardly want to move the knee. You can walk in it, but not run, let alone perform martial arts. It's good for initial recovery when in serious pain, and you just want to be able to hobble around. You should of course, seek medical advice.

I didn''t really need that much support (it's like swaddling the knee), and later found the Mueller 59857 Max Knee Strap (Mueller 59857 Max Knee Strap - OSFM, Black) - this is the one my knee recovered mostly in. I only wore it for active martial arts, not indoors or walking to the shops etc. It gave excellent support and yet gave flexibility. Highly recommended. The Mueller is actually more for runners' knee rather than jumper's knee.

My knee is almost better now, but from time to time I still need some support, and the Mueller above seems a bit too much - it doesn't give 100% flexibility, so is limiting movement in martial arts. Then I came across this one. From the photos, I wondered whether it would give any support at all, but considering the other reviews, I thought I'd give it a try. It was a revelation! Support in exactly the right place, without limiting movement at all! Really amazed. I now suspect I would have done better starting with this one.

It has a large gel pad below the dip which is placed just under the patella of the knee. This gel pad doesn't appear in the photos, which is odd, as is key to its effectiveness. The strap loops back through a buckle and should be pretty tight. Even then, I found it to be very comfortable and quickly forgot it was there. Found myself able to run up the subway stairs two at a time again, a major achievement.

As with all such devices, do take medical advice, and don't wear when you don't need it. In my case, I wore it to martial-arts classes and when commuting only, not when at home or in the office. The idea is to give support to prevent making it worse, and to allow exercise that strengthens the muscles. In between, take the support off, to allow natural recovery and to prevent becoming dependent upon it.
The Highlighters
The Highlighters Reply to on 17 February 2017
I've been using this product for about two weeks now and have found it to be excellent. It obviously doesn't correct the underlying reason for the injury but it helps support recovery and prevent it reoccurring. Most patella tracking issues are due to tight quad and ITB pulling the tendon laterally due to weak or ineffective VMO and/or medial ligaments. This was the case with myself and the patella band is excellent for the rehab, even to point where it can be used to keep an ice pack attached to the knee. The band is as effective (or if not more so) than a knee support and is better to wear, being less obtrusive and because you can vary the pressure with it, it doesn't slip down out of position like a knee support can, when you are walking about. Well worth investing in this product if you suffer from this type of knee problem.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 3 September 2016
I have quite apparent osgood schlatters disease in both my knees which occurred when i was going through puberty and i have found this item to be very useful in reducing the stress on the joints themselves. I have also learned to try different methods of cardiovascular activities such as swimming and cycling as they don't impact the knees as other sports such as football and running and would recommend this item with adequate rest so as not to cause wear and tear on the Cartilage of your knees, which cannot be replaced without surgery.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 26 September 2017
Comfortable and does the job, but has. MASSIVE design flaw. Oddly the male to female Velcro is joined by glue and rather than one long piece of material. This means that under pressure (or if you sweat like me!) the join breaks, and you can no longer wear the strap. I'm genuinely disappointed as this aside, it does a great job.

Returned the first one after 7 uses, and the second one after about 10. Only using it for doing circuits! Shame...easy design fix. Not sure what the thinking was when they design it that way. Seems...illogical.
magsie Reply to on 1 June 2015
I'm really pleased with this knee strap. I developed adult-onset Osgood-Schlatters 6 months ago after minor knee surgery and couldn't run without pain in the lump on my tibia, and I'd also started with IT Band pain. Using a patella strap has transformed my life - I can now run again without pain, even up fells. I bought 2 different brands of knee strap - this one, and another one with just velcro and no buckle. They're both great, but I prefer this one for races because I feel more confident that it will stay put. I did have to play about with the tightness initially. Too tight and it was actually more painful than without. I wear it just above the lump on my tibia.
Matt Reply to on 7 July 2016
I would like to begin by stating that I had never been a big fan of things like knee bands, braces etc. I never beleived in them having any practical use whatsoever and did not use them while doing cardio, weight lifting etc.

It all changed after I had had experienced a rather intense bout of reactive arthritis, which had sidelined me from training for about half a year. Thankfully it's all over now and this knee band has allowed me to return to intense weight lifting and running.

The Neo G band itself is of really high quality: special mention goes to the additional, inner silicone band. It provides really good support to the patella.

5/5, will buy again.
comms2day Reply to on 9 July 2018
A brilliant band well built and fits really well - especially like the gel bit that helps to hold it in place and apply force where needed. BTW I was a long term suffer of Patella tendonitis and this band has definitely cured me - yep cured within a week. I tried everything else after physio, stretches etc for 6 months then brought 2 different types of these bands and presto after a week no pain and 3 weeks later I'm running and cycling again wooo hooo.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 23 May 2016
This is great. I'm a mid forties, heavily built runner with bad knee pain under my patella.

Whilst this product doesn't completely eradicate all pain it is brilliant. My knee hurts less at the start of the run and is pain free towards the end. Post run pain is almost nil and next day soreness is much lower.

Whilst you should still work on core strengthening and get properly fitted shoes or orthotics this is a great compliment to assist in rehabilitation.
Mr. Martin S. Currie
Mr. Martin S. Currie Reply to on 3 July 2015
I suffer from Osgood-Schlatter disease (since adolescence) and runners knee, neither of which prevent me from running but both give me some pain, especially on long runs or when running hard/fast.
I thought I'd try these straps based on their good rating. I wore a strap on both knees yesterday whilst doing a ten mile run and was amazed at the difference. Almost zero pain after the run. Also the morning after, when I'm usually very stiff and achey, my knees felt fresh as a daisy!
They fit nicely and don't move around but are slightly uncomfortable, so take some getting use to, but its worth the discomfort for all the benefit the give.
I would recommend as part of an overall knee management programme. Also be sure to do cross-training, core stability excerises, hip/quad knee strengthening, all of which help reduce knee pain and complement usage of the strap.
Mr. M. N. Powis
Mr. M. N. Powis Reply to on 13 July 2016
Having suffered from knee pain only when climbing stairs I resigned myself to believing I was simply getting old and falling apart. An Internet search suggested tendonitis. This product had the best reviews so why not give it a go. After two days I can climb stairs without pain. My knee is getting stronger every day as the inflamed tendon is now supported. Quite simply this is the best for knee cap pain.
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