Amedama Customer reviews Yankee Candle 5 Votive Gift Set (Just Go.):Amedama
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Customer reviews Yankee Candle 5 Votive Gift Set (Just Go.):Amedama

Yankee Candle
Yankee Candle Published in October 21, 2018, 4:25 pm
Customer reviews Yankee Candle 5 Votive Gift Set (Just Go.):Amedama

Customer reviews Yankee Candle 5 Votive Gift Set (Just Go.):Amedama

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MR & MRS M Reply to on 5 July 2018
Amazing value!!! I could not believe the price of this! We purchased this and divided it into three separate teacher gifts. Ideal! Each of these retail for almost £9 and in my opinion Yankee candle is worth every penny! So to get three for under £15 is phenomenal!
We didn’t use the box they arrived in, but it was lovely. I would’ve been thrilled to personally receive it as a gift (hint to my husband if he reads this)
Each candle lasts ages and gives a beautiful aroma immediately upon taking off the lid.
A calm and quiet place is a beautiful clean, soft calming fragrance. We felt it made quite a funny gift to give a teacher. Perfect bedroom fragrance or a cozy day with a good book.
Rainbow cookies is lovely. Sweet and vanilla but not sickly sweet at all. Fun picture and name. Perfect kitchen fragrance.
Sun kissed apricot rose is a sophisticated fragrance. Love this as it’s a modern floral - with a light and slightly fruity side to it. Beautiful lounge or sunroom scent.
What a great variety of completely different fragrances!
Tinksjane Reply to on 24 March 2018
A lovely little set which is perfect as a small easter gift (with or without chocolate!) and gives a lovely little treat to anyone who wants that little something too. It contains a small "bucket" style votive holder in a pretty shade of pink along with 3 votive candles which give a burn of around 15 hours each The 3 votive fragrances are Vanilla Cupcake which is a long timer for Yankee and a real classic, its cakey vanilla scent fills the air and is warming and comforting, White Chocolate Bunnies is an Easter Limited Edition and is a more subtle fragrance of withe chocolate and yes it really does have a light fragrance of light sweet chocolate, it doesn't have a huge throw on this however and is quite a subtle one. Lastly Sweet Candies which came out for a limited time for Easter 2018 and is a fizzy sweetie fragrance, a little parma violet in there too perhaps, but is light and fruity and has a good throw on this. Generally the fragrances are well placed for a sweet Easter treat and the packaging is pretty for the occasion too. A lovely Yankee Sweet Treat! enjoy!
Mrs H
Mrs H Reply to on 23 March 2018
Its a lovely kit and I can't wait to give as a present, I also bought one for myself. My only complaint is that the one which luckily I was keeping had a damaged box and arrived ripped and dented. A little disappointed. It was boxed with protective packaging so I assume that its been damaged when being picked up and put in the box.
Jade Ling
Jade Ling Reply to on 13 August 2018
I brought this as a gift for my mum as she loves Yankee candles . The scents are really nice and when you burn them they burn for a good amount of time. You get 5 beautiful candles that are by Yankee Candle in a lovely summery box .

i would highly recommend this for people that love candles or just want to buy some lovely candles :)
Mrs. Sl Barrett
Mrs. Sl Barrett Reply to on 8 August 2018
I got this as an extra gift for a friends birthday and totally loved the packaging even the smell of the box. I haven't been able to open (as a pressie) but great size and very pretty. Would certainly buy again for myself or others.
jaybee Reply to on 29 July 2018
Lovely set though contents were packed upside down. It was sealed so if I opened it to put the insides right it wouldn't have looked new. I left it as it was. Still a great product which is always well received. Probably a quality control error.
Carl West
Carl West Reply to on 22 July 2018
Purchased for my sister in law, a great gift idea that was well received. I’ve been told she’s used all the candles and was very happy with all the different fragrances. Recommended!
mrs r laurie rutherford
mrs r laurie rutherford Reply to on 8 July 2018
Bought as a gift.I can't believe the great value of this set.It is really pretty and looks a lot more expensive than it cost.Yankee Candle never disappoint and this is a fabulous deal
Dannii Moon
Dannii Moon Reply to on 10 August 2018
Excellent value. Actually cheaper than the actual Yankee Candle Outlet in Ashfield. Made my mum who’s a huge fan very happy from her granddaughter on mother’s day.
Zobia Ilyas
Zobia Ilyas Reply to on 8 July 2018
Purchased this for a work friend who was leaving. The box arrived damaged in the corner but had no time so had to give the gift as is. May have been damaged in transit although there was no damage to the outer packaging. Otherwise happy with the product.
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