Amedama Zacro Universal Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap (2 Pack):Amedama
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Zacro Universal Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap (2 Pack):Amedama

zacro Published in October 18, 2018, 2:24 pm
 Zacro Universal Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap (2 Pack):Amedama

Zacro Universal Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap (2 Pack):Amedama

Price:£6.97+ Free shipping with Diet-beauty Prime

Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 19 February 2018
These were a lifesaver on our holiday! As a couple it is always a worry leaving valuables on the beach, even for a quick dip together. We found ourselves just using one as they fit so much in; two iPhones, car keys, room key, wallet etc. Having these gave us real peace of mind on holiday and allowed us to go out snorkelling for over an hour! We were able to swim up to small coves and use our phones to take pictures of the lovely views. I like that they are worn around your waist as I found this very comfortable.
TheRamblingFatMan Reply to on 18 September 2017
Although I've not used it in the sea yet, my tests so far show now problems. The plastic is robust and the seals are very positive.

I like how the waist strap quick release buckle has been positioned so that it sits to the side of the body. This ensures that the tabs are not compressed by bending etc. The tightening buckle is positive and doesn't slip over time. I am a little wary of the connecting buckle detaching in a rough sea so I may attach a bit of nylon string as a safety backup.

So far so good.
Autumn Reply to on 1 September 2016
Wow fantastic - so we just got back from Antigua and these waterproof pouches are 100% waterproof we had smart phones, money, passports etc in these, did lots of swimming, snorkeling, splashing around in deep sea and not one leak. We were worried that they might and tried them in sink first before we went away, but the true test was the sea and they really do work and can get quite a lot in them. Definitely recommend and will use these again and again be it on holiday or kayaking/water sports -just fab! Arrived quickly too, such a bargain - thanks.
Mal Reply to on 12 June 2017
Used it for taking pictures with my phone while on holiday in the sea. Wasn't brave enough to fully submerge and swim with my phone in it, but dipped it in and out of the water and kept my phone dry. It has 3 grip lock seals which is then Velcro fastened. Seems pretty reliable.
Sam Reply to on 3 September 2017
These are great but to be honest we only used them one. We had also bought the DBPower Universal Waterproof Cases for our IPhones and they were so good we didn't need anything else. But one day on a trip out we filled these with a few more items we wanted to take and they were spot on. So I am glad I bought them and have left them in our cases ready for the next holiday.
vrnj11 Reply to on 18 August 2018
Bought these for a girls holiday so we could keep our phones and money dry when we visited lagoons - they were perfect! I decided to trust other reviews and walked straight into the sea with my iPhone in my pouch without testing it first. 30mins later I got out and my phone was bone dry after being fully submerged (I don’t know what I would have done if it wasn’t) great buy, i’ll be using these over and over since I kayak and I can imagine these being ideal for that too. Recommend!
Tip: if your pouch feels buoyant everything is fine because it means it’s sealed!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 11 August 2018
These were really good and enabled me to go in the sea without leaving valuables (keys, phone, etc.) on the beach. I put all my valuables inside a waterproof zipper bag inside another waterproof zipper bag inside my pouch just in case of a hole, etc. to be on the safe side. It was comfortable to wear in the sea and remained well attached, despite jumping into oncoming waves! :) Every time I got out, not only were my valuables dry but also the outside of the zipper bags. Item arrived quickly and the seller sent messages to check that I was happy with the item!
Kooky Reply to on 28 June 2017
Very good, totally waterproof and quite a good size for phones, keys and wallets.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 17 March 2018
I bought this for my mum who has to wear a pump to administer Parkinson’s drugs 24/7 and this has given her the freedom to shower again as the waterproof bag completely protects any device.
Marie Reply to on 8 January 2018
Great item couldn't see how it was going to be completely waterproof at first but once I recieved the item it was much clearer my son hasn't used it yet but will try it out before he goes travelling in August
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